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mild® removes a major root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) to improve back and leg pain.

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An hour may change everything for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Find out how this minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, which has a safety profile similar to an epidural steroid injection (ESI), may help you stand longer and walk farther with less pain.

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Do You Have Any of These Common LSS Symptoms?

Diagram of standing lower back pain

Pain or numbness in lower back when standing

Diagram of walking lower back pain

Pain, numbness or tingling in legs or buttocks when walking

Diagram of leaning forward lower back pain

Relief when sitting or leaning forward

mild® for Healthcare Professionals

Help your LSS patients, even those with comorbidities, by removing a major root cause of their neurogenic claudication. Move to mild® to provide patients with long-term relief using a therapy that has a safety profile equivalent to an ESI, but with lasting results. Learn more about the minimally invasive mild® Procedure’s key benefits, clinical outcomes and how it can be incorporated into your treatment algorithm.

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For many patients with chronic low back pain (CLBP), finding answers about the cause of their pain can be a long and difficult process. According to recent data, 78% of U.S. adults with CLBP do not know an enlarged ligament could be the cause.* 

This #PainAwarenessMonth, we’re encouraging patients to speak to an interventional pain management physician about CLBP treatment options, such as the Mild Procedure. To learn how Mild could work for your patients, visit the 🔗 link in bio. 

*View Mobility Matters data at the 🔗 link in bio.
Attention, APPs – it’s time to meet the Mild Insights Hub!

We’re excited to share the Mild Insights Hub, our newest content library for advanced practice providers (APPs) which provides information about the Mild Procedure for lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS), plus tools for reviewing imaging, identifying Mild candidates within your practice, and more.

Learn about the Mild Procedure and how it could help your patients find relief by visiting the Insights Hub at the 🔗 link in bio.
#TeamVertos is proud to introduce its newest members!

Give a warm welcome to District Sales Manager, Austin Knipp, Clinical Specialist, Jack MacNevin, and Office Administrator, Nicolle Astle. Welcome to the team!

Interested in joining our team? Click the 🔗 link in bio for employment opportunities.
With the Mild360 Fellows Enrichment Program, interventional pain fellows are empowered to optimize the Mild Procedure in their future practices, participate in society and industry events, and position themselves as leaders in the field.

If you’re a pain management fellow interested in learning more about Mild, don’t miss this valuable opportunity! Enroll today at the 🔗 link in bio.

Great new multimedia article from Pain Medicine News (@painmednews) featuring Dr. Peter Staats (@staatspeter), chief medical officer of the National Spine & Pain Centers Listen to Dr. Staats discuss Mild Procedure data from his award-winning Top Abstract 2023 at the American Society of Pain and Neuroscience’s (ASPN @aspn_painneuro) 5th annual conference in Miami Beach, FL. 

View the article at the 🔗 link in bio.
September is #PainAwarenessMonth and we’re dedicated to raising awareness around chronic low back pain (CLBP).

If your patients are experiencing pain, numbness, heaviness, and tingling in the lower back, legs, or buttocks when standing or walking, they may be suffering from lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS).

Help your patients with LSS get on the path to lasting relief by making the #MOVE2mild. 

Visit the 🔗 link in bio to learn more about the Mild Procedure.
We are thrilled to have been able to participate in @pacificspineandpainsociety's Annual Conference. It was a true honor to connect with experts, share knowledge, and collaborate on advancing the fields of spine and pain management. 

Thank you to PSPS! We look forward to continue working together to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic low back pain and lumbar spinal stenosis.
By joining the Mild360 Fellows Enrichment Program, interventional pain fellows gain access to a wide range of training opportunities, including performing the Mild Procedure, reading MRIs, reimbursement, patient outreach, and more.

With opportunities for live peer-to-peer and mentor engagement, Mild360 allows participants to advance their knowledge of treatment options for chronic low back pain (CLBP) caused by lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS).

Jumpstart your career and enroll today at the 🔗 link in bio.
Did you know over 72 million US adults experience chronic low back pain (CLBP), with 76% reporting that the pain interferes with their ability to complete everyday tasks?*

September is #PainAwarenessMonth – but at Vertos Medical, we’re always aware of the impact CLBP can have on lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) patients' mobility and quality of life.

Help get more patients in your practice back on their feet and on the path to lasting relief with the Mild Procedure.

*Learn more and view Mobility Matters data by visiting the 🔗 link in bio.
Recently published 2-year results are in for the MOTION Study! Hear from Dr. @timdeer30a, principal investigator for the MOTION Study and Chairman of @aspn_painneuro, as he discusses the 2-year results and why the Mild Procedure is an effective, early interventional treatment for patients suffering from symptomatic lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS).

The MOTION study focuses on 2 groups. 
• CMM-Alone: Patients receiving conventional medical management (CMM) only (e.g., physical therapy, home exercise, or epidural steroid injections).
• Mild+CMM: Patients receiving the Mild Procedure plus CMM. 

2-year results determined that all outcome measures showed significant improvement from baseline for Mild+CMM and demonstrated that Mild, when combined with CMM, is superior in providing improved function and decreased pain when compared to CMM-Alone.*

*Review clinical data and access the publication at the 🔗 link in bio.
We’re proud to introduce some of the newest members of #TeamVertos! 

Welcome aboard to Director of Business Transformation, Courtenay Jackson, Principal R&D Engineer, Tony DeZan, Clinical Specialists, Heather Gough and Gina Oliveri, and Customer Service Representative, Crystal Villa.

Interested in joining our team? Click the 🔗 link in bio for employment opportunities.
For patients experiencing low back and/or leg pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS), epidural steroid injections (ESIs) may not be enough to provide lasting relief.

If ESIs have stopped working for your patients, the Mild Procedure may be the next step. Mild has a safety profile equivalent to an injection, but with lasting results, and can help enable patients to stand longer and walk farther with less pain.*

*View clinical data at the 🔗 link in bio.
The Mild360 Fellows Enrichment Program is a valuable opportunity for interventional pain fellows nationwide. Live virtual sessions offer peer-to-peer and thought leader engagement from both a clinical and practical perspective.

By joining Mild360, you’ll gain the tools and experience you need to position yourself as a leader in the field of interventional pain management, particularly for managing chronic low back pain (CLBP) caused by lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS).

Enroll today at the 🔗 link in bio.
Explore the new Mild Insights Hub!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our newest resource for healthcare providers: a content collection designed to educate physicians about the Mild Procedure and provide additional tools to inform their patients about minimally invasive treatment options for lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS).

Visit the Insights Hub to learn more by visiting the 🔗 link in bio.
We are excited to announce an opening for the role of Vice President of Sales at Vertos Medical.

As a leader in the development of innovative, minimally invasive treatments for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), Vertos is on a mission to help patients get on the path to lasting relief. The V.P. of Sales will play a pivotal role in helping shape and execute sales strategies, foster team development, and lead commercialization efforts.

View the employment opportunity and apply online at the 🔗 in bio. 

Vertos Medical is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

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