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mild® removes a major root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) to improve back and leg pain.

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An hour may change everything for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Find out how this minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, which has a safety profile similar to an epidural steroid injection (ESI), may help you stand longer and walk farther with less pain.

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Do You Have Any of These Common LSS Symptoms?

Diagram of standing lower back pain

Pain or numbness in lower back when standing

Diagram of walking lower back pain

Pain, numbness or tingling in legs or buttocks when walking

Diagram of leaning forward lower back pain

Relief when sitting or leaning forward

mild® for Healthcare Professionals

Help your LSS patients, even those with comorbidities, by removing a major root cause of their neurogenic claudication. Move to mild® to provide patients with long-term relief using a therapy that has a safety profile equivalent to an ESI, but with lasting results. Learn more about the minimally invasive mild® Procedure’s key benefits, clinical outcomes and how it can be incorporated into your treatment algorithm.

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We are excited to have new members joining Team Vertos in our mission to offer safe, effective solutions to the lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) community.

Coming onboard is our new Regional Sales Director, Brian Ellis, District Sales Managers, Brad Reifsnyder and Morgan Jones, and Principal R&D Technician, Adriana Peralta. 

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The launch of our Know Your Back Story National Health Awareness Campaign over the summer was a huge success, and we want to thank everyone who made it possible! The east coast tour is done, but we are just getting started on our mission to increase patient and referral education awareness of the enlarged ligament as a cause of chronic low back pain (CLBP). 

We’d like to especially recognize the dedicated healthcare professionals who joined us in educating the public about CLBP, the importance of looking for the enlarged ligament, and potential treatment options like the Mild Procedure. Many thanks to: @pain4eemd, @anjumbux, @btdurnkindo, Dr. Dan Kendall, @apmwellness, @dsayed123, @nvadvancedpain, Kelsey Kimball, PA, @kiranpatelmd, @ansky5121, Dr. Kunal Sood, @lindsayandmolly, @ladypaindoc, Dr. Mark Coleman, @_dr.azeem, @drpryz, @sanjayshahmd, @stangolovac, Dr. Steve Aydin, @steven_falowski, @timdeer30a, Dr. Wade Wong, and Dr. Youssef Josephson. 

Follow the Know Your Back Story campaign for ongoing insights and resources or learn more at the #linkinbio.
Check out the latest issue of Health is Action, featuring Dr. @kiranpatelmd on pages 12-13. Thank you Dr. Patel for bringing awareness to lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) and treatment options available, such as the Mild Procedure, to help patients find lasting relief.

View the article at the #linkinbio.

Learn more about LSS and the enlarged ligament at
Find your place on Team Vertos! With new positions available, we are excited to add to our growing team. Join us on our mission to help lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) patients get on the path to lasting relief.
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Vertos Medical is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.
According to new data, 76% of chronic low back pain (CLBP) patients have trouble completing everyday tasks.*

In recognition of Pain Awareness Month, we’re sharing key insights from the “Mobility Matters: Landmark Survey on Chronic Low Back Pain in America” conducted by The Harris Poll to help patients and providers learn more about CLBP.

Discover why leading interventionalists offer the Mild Procedure to treat lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS), and how this gold standard of care can help patients find the relief they deserve. Learn more at the #linkinbio. 

*"Mobility Matters" Harris Poll data at the #linkinbio.
September is Pain Awareness Month. Are your patients aware of what’s causing their lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS)?

According to data from the “Mobility Matters: Landmark Survey on Chronic Low Back Pain in America” conducted by The Harris Poll, 37% of self-reported chronic low back pain (CLBP) patients have never been told by a healthcare professional (HCP) what’s causing their pain.*

By creating referral networks and keeping local primary care physicians informed about treatment options, you can help get more patients on the path to lasting relief.

*View "Mobility Matters" Harris Poll data at the #linkinbio.
Help your lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) patients, even those with comorbidities, by removing a major root cause of their lower back and leg pain associated with neurogenic claudication.

As an outpatient procedure that can be performed using local anesthetic and light sedation, the Mild Procedure can help a broad spectrum of LSS patients, including those who are not candidates for other therapies or are unable to tolerate surgery.

Learn more and view clinical data at the #linkinbio. 

As an Advanced Practice Provider (APP), how can you make Mild patient education more personal? With the new Mild Procedure Patient Brochure, we’ve included helpful sections that make it easier than ever to show patients exactly how their lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) is compressing the nerves in their lower back.  Additionally, patient-friendly charts and graphics can help you easily explain why you recommend the Mild Procedure as a first line therapy for LSS. 

Ready to take your provider-patient communication to the next level? Be sure to view our recent blog article, and watch APP @acomer3 provide step-by-step tips that can help you drive success with Mild.

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Advanced Practice Providers (APPs): Join our Mild Network! Check out our APP-specific educational content including our Imaging Webinar, tips on identifying and educating Mild patients, the common signs of epidural steroid injection (ESI) exhaustion, and much more at our blog at the #linkinbio.

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As part of Vertos Medical’s mission to help more patients gain access to the Mild Procedure, we’re headed to the @wippain Conference in Budapest. If you or a healthcare provider you know is attending, please stop by the Vertos booth. We look forward to meeting new friends and future Mild providers! 

Look for the ligament, it's a common problem, even in patients with comorbidities. Remove the problem with Mild and leave nothing behind.
New data from The Harris Poll shows that an estimated 72.3 million U.S. adults suffer from chronic low back pain (CLBP), higher than previously reported, and greater than arthritis, diabetes, or heart disease.

The survey also revealed that more awareness is needed to help patients suffering from CLBP understand the causes of their condition and reclaim their quality of life.
Read more about the Mobility Matters landmark survey results and find out how you can help more patients at the #linkinbio.
Extensive evidence, clear consensus! MIST 2.0 has recently been published in the Journal of Pain Research. 

Based on over 150 evidence sources, the @aspn_painneuro created guidance for best practices for minimally invasive surgical treatment of symptomatic spinal stenosis. 

This society-sponsored publication concluded that the Mild Procedure received the highest quality of evidence and certainty of net benefit. 

Additionally MIST 2.0 put Mild ahead of other interventional therapies recommending Mild as an early, first-line therapy for lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) after conservative therapy fails. 

Click the #linkinbio to read the full publication.
Follow the data! The Pain Medicine journal recently published the Level 1 MOTION Study 1-year results highlighting the superiority of the Mild Procedure in combination with conventional medical management (CMM) over the use of CMM alone for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) suffering from neurogenic claudication (NC). 
Review the complete findings and hear principal investigator, Dr. @timdeer30a, discuss why Mild is effective as an early interventional therapy for LSS at the #linkinbio.
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