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Remove the Problem and Leave Nothing Behind.

mild® removes a major root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) to improve back and leg pain.

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An hour may change everything for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Find out how this minimally invasive, outpatient procedure, which has a safety profile similar to an epidural steroid injection (ESI), may help you stand longer and walk farther with less pain.

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Do You Have Any of These Common LSS Symptoms?

Diagram of standing lower back pain

Pain or numbness in lower back when standing

Diagram of walking lower back pain

Pain, numbness or tingling in legs or buttocks when walking

Diagram of leaning forward lower back pain

Relief when sitting or leaning forward

mild® for Healthcare Professionals

Help your LSS patients, even those with comorbidities, by removing a major root cause of their neurogenic claudication. Move to mild® to provide patients with long-term relief using a therapy that has a safety profile equivalent to an ESI, but with lasting results. Learn more about the minimally invasive mild® Procedure’s key benefits, clinical outcomes and how it can be incorporated into your treatment algorithm.

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Are epidural steroid injections (ESIs) falling short for your patients? Make the #MOVE2mild! Published data supports the use of the Mild Procedure after the first ESI fails.* Give your patients a safe, durable option for their lumbar spinal stenosis (#LSS) pain by incorporating Mild early in your treatment algorithm.*

*View clinical data at the #linkinbio

Look for the ligament, it’s a common problem, even in patients with comorbidities. Remove the problem with Mild and leave nothing behind.
Is this patient a Mild Procedure candidate? 

Case history: 71 year-old male with a history of epidural steroid injections (ESIs) and lumbar neurotomy with limited relief; presenting with back and leg pain at an 8 to 10 (out of 10) that worsens with standing and walking; inability to walk more than 5-10 minutes, and relief with sitting and flexion. Imaging indicated hypertrophic ligamentum flavum ≥ 2.5 mm.

Answer: Yes! The featured patient was an excellent Mild candidate who saw significant improvement within one month post-procedure. After the Mild Procedure, the patient was able to walk and stand for 25 minutes with no pain.

Read the full case study at the #linkinbio!
Team Vertos has fantastic career opportunities for a variety of positions. Join a motivated team striving to help #LumbarSpinalStenosis (LSS) patients find the relief they need in a minimally invasive way. 

We currently have openings for: District Sales Manager, District Sales Specialist, Principal R&D Engineer, Reimbursement Specialist, and Tableau/Salesforce Developer. 

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A change in your #lumbarspinalstenosis (LSS) treatment algorithm can make a world of difference. 🌎 By accelerating his practice's assessment of epidural efficacy, Dr. Jason Pope has been able to #MOVE2mild earlier in the treatment plan and help reduce his patients' "epidural exhaustion" with a durable* option for LSS.

*View clinical data and learn more at the link in bio.
The @aspn_painneuro CME webinar, "Reviewing MRIs: A Collaborative Approach to Patient Selection" was a success and it's not over yet! The webinar and CME is available to watch and claim for one year, so if you missed it, you can still hear the expert physician and APP panel discuss how to match more patients with the right treatments sooner by working together. Access the webinar now at the link in bio. 

A big thank you to panel members leading this CME event, including Tim Deer, MD, Navdeep Jassal, MD, Eugene Paik, MD, Dawood Sayed, MD, Christine Christensen, NP, Ashley Comer, NP and Zohra Hussaini, APRN!
#MOVE2mild after the first epidural steroid injection (ESI) fails. ESIs typically bring temporary relief, but do not address the major root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). The Mild Procedure removes the problem and leaves nothing behind. The Mild Procedure has a safety profile equivalent to an ESI with proven 5 year durability*. Help your patients avoid epidural exhaustion— #MOVE2mild and put them on the path to lasting relief.

*View the clinical data at the link in bio.
A broad spectrum of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) patients have experienced increased mobility, reduced pain and restored quality of life with the minimally invasive #MildProcedure. From patient identification to significant outcomes, read case studies on how leading HCPs nationwide expanded their patient selection and made the #MOVE2mild at the link in bio. Thank you to Mild providers Dr. Aaron Calodney, Dr. Mark Coleman, @dr.khemlani, @timdeer30a, Ashley Comer, APRN, NP-C, @anjum.bux, Kyla Anderson, APRN, @jassalmd, @drpryz and @paindoc13 for sharing your patient stories and advancing patient care.
At #ASPN2021, we had the opportunity to convene with an engaged group of Mild advocates from across the country, who provided their perspectives on the advantages of this minimally invasive lumbar decompression procedure for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) patients. 

We’re beyond inspired to see so many leading physicians in the interventional pain community coming together to help make Mild the standard of care for LSS patients. Between sharing patient stories, discussing best practices, and reviewing new data, the passion for helping more LSS patients have access to Mild, earlier in the treatment journey was powerful.

Thank you to Dr. Aaron Calodney, @pain4eemd, @anjumbux, Dr. Brent Chafin, @organicstrings, @dsayed123, @nvadvancedpain, @harrysukumaran, @drweisbein, @painkiller_photos, @jmshahmd, Dr. Lindsay Shroyer, Dr. Mark Coleman, @jassalmd, @_dr.azeem, @drpryz, @sxl08md, @stangolovac, @timdeer30a, Dr. Michael Verdolin, @drajayantonymd, Dr. Erika Peterson, @btdurnkindo, @steven_falowski and Dr. Jason Pope for a great session! #MildProcedure
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