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Remove the Problem and Leave Nothing Behind.

mild® removes a major root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) to improve back and leg pain.

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An hour may change everything for patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Find out how this quick outpatient procedure, which has a safety profile similar to an epidural steroid injection (ESI), may help you stand longer and walk farther with less pain.

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Do You Have Any of These Common LSS Symptoms?

Diagram of standing lower back pain

Pain or numbness in lower back when standing

Diagram of walking lower back pain

Pain, numbness or tingling in legs or buttocks when walking

Diagram of leaning forward lower back pain

Relief when sitting or leaning forward

mild® for Healthcare Professionals

Help your LSS patients, even those with comorbidities, by removing a major root cause of their neurogenic claudication. Move to mild® to provide patients with long-term relief using a therapy that has a safety profile equivalent to an ESI, but with lasting results. Learn more about the minimally invasive mild® Procedure’s key benefits, clinical outcomes and how it can be incorporated into your treatment algorithm.

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Searching for a new career opportunity? 🔭 With new positions added across the U.S., join our growing team! At Vertos Medical, our goal is to help patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) reduce pain, increase mobility and reclaim their quality of life - in a minimally invasive way.

Learn more about becoming a part of Team Vertos at the link in bio. #MildProcedure
Why repeat ESIs that don't address the root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) when you can #MovetoMild, a minimally invasive treatment with an equivalent safety profile and lasting results?* Help make life a walk on the beach 🌊 for patients with LSS - consider the #MildProcedure as the next step. 

*View data and ways to further evolve your practice’s LSS care path at the link in bio.
Happy #NationalNursesDay and start of #NationalNursesWeek to the individuals who are critical for putting the "care" in healthcare. ⚕ By definition, the verb "nurse" means, "to take care of, look after or tend to." We are so grateful for your selfless dedication to patients! #MildProcedure
Advanced interventional therapies, like the #MildProcedure for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), mean there's opportunity to move beyond serial ESIs and embrace change in your practice routine. @pain4eemd shares three key steps to develop practice treatment algorithms that optimize care and outcomes at the link in bio.
Whether patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) are in early to late disease state, have stenosis at levels: L1-S1 or grade ≤ 2 spondylolisthesis, look for the ligament. 🔍  Move more LSS patients to the #MildProcedure, even those with comorbidities, when neurogenic claudication symptoms present.
View the retrospective report authored by @drpryz at link in bio to learn why leading providers are changing their standard of care for LSS treatment.
Time ⌛. Research 📚. Dedication 🤝. These are the building blocks used to create and move innovative treatments forward. @jassalmd gives a glimpse of the #MildProcedure's evolution and the NEW Streamlined Technique, pioneered by Dr. Brent Chafin, in our latest blog. Discover its benefits and learn how to #MoveMidline at the link in bio.
Mild physician education is in full swing! One key aspect of training is educating patients about their diagnosis and moving to Mild as an early treatment option after failure of an initial ESI. 🔊 Listen as @anjumbux shares his approach to educating patients about the Mild experience.
Many thanks to the month's educational leaders, Drs. @anjumbux, Eugene Paik, @dr.khemlani and @dsayed123, for sharing their knowledge and helping educate their peers on the #MildProcedure, a minimally invasive treatment for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Learn more about training and education at link in bio.
Look for the ligament, it's a common problem, even in patients with comorbidities. Remove the problem with Mild and leave nothing behind.
A six-center retrospective review found that VAS outcomes post-Mild do not vary based on previous ESI use*. It made no difference whether patients had a single injection or none versus multiple injections prior to Mild. Don't delay patient care; ➡️ #MovetoMild after an initial ESI fails.
*View data at link in bio and challenge your thinking around ESIs.
Look for the ligament, it's a common problem, even in patients with comorbidities. Remove the problem with Mild and leave nothing behind.
🛑 Interrupting his duties as a bus driver, Dr. Mark Coleman's 71-year-old patient experienced limits in his day-to-day life caused by lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). His history showed symptomatic LSS signs for three years with failed ESIs, but once under the care of Dr. Coleman, he was able to find relief with the minimally invasive #MildProcedure and given the green light 🚦 to return to his daily life with no pain.
View the case study to read about his patient's symptoms and life-changing results, including a 0/10 VAS, at link in bio.
We are excited to welcome these talented individuals to our growing team! Offering a multitude of experiences, they are joining our efforts to help expand access of the minimally invasive #MildProcedure to the lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) community, so that patients may find lasting relief.

Please join us in welcoming our new Quality Assurance Manager Harry Nguyen, District Sales Specialists Matt Magenheim and Kirsten Bishop, and Field Integration Specialists Sydney Niedzwiecki and Mary Velasco to #VertosMedical. 🎉

Interested in joining team Vertos? Learn more at the link in bio.
New mindset = new results. 💭 @Drpryz is here to challenge your thinking around ESIs and share how data demonstrates when to #MovetoMild to maximize patient benefit in our latest blog. Read it now at link in bio to discover the results from the six-center retrospective review on a single injection or none versus multiple injections prior to the #MildProcedure with @harrysukumaran, @painkiller_photos, Dr. Kailash Chandwani and @dr.khemlani.
In case you missed the @aspn_painneuro March Madness Debates, Dr. Jason Pope and @drweisbein discussed how many ESIs should be administered prior to the #MildProcedure in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Head to our latest blog at the link in bio to hear their points and challenge your own thinking – are you ready to #MovetoMild?

Move beyond palliative therapies and address a major root cause of LSS, without leaving any implants behind. If hypertrophic ligamentum flavum (HLF) is present, consider moving to Mild directly or as the next step after an initial ESI fails. Mild has a safety profile equivalent to an ESI, but with lasting results.*

*View clinical data at link in bio.
This #WorldHealthDay, we share our immense gratitude for all healthcare providers and their unwavering commitment to health and wellness. 🌎⚕️

The Vertos team extends a special thank you to the dedicated providers who are advancing the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) and making Mild more accessible to patients across the country. #MildProcedure
From 📍TX to 📍FL to 📍VA, leading interventionalists across the country have helped a broad spectrum of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) patients with the minimally invasive #MildProcedure. Read their case studies in our latest blog to see how moving to Mild has helped patients increase mobility, reduce pain and restore quality of life. Link in bio!

Thank you to Mild providers Dr. Aaron Calodney, @dr.khemlani, @timdeer30a, Ashley Comer, APRN, NP-C, @anjum.bux, Kyla Anderson, APRN, @jassalmd, @drpryz and @paindoc13 for advancing patient care.
On #NationalDoctorsDay, we want to say THANK YOU to physicians who selflessly put patients first day in and day out! ⚕️ For your dedication to helping patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) achieve lasting relief to your contributions in advancing the health of our families, friends and communities, we recognize and appreciate you. #MildProcedure
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