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Our Passion

Advancing Lumbar Spinal Stenosis (LSS) Care

At Vertos, we empower healthcare providers and patients with minimally invasive treatments for LSS. After witnessing the impact that LSS has on millions of patients’ quality-of-life annually, it became not just our goal, but our passion to expand care options.

Our Journey

The story behind the mild® Procedure

In 2005, the mild® Procedure was created to fill a treatment gap for patients who developed spinal stenosis but were not willing or able to tolerate spine surgery.

Our Values

At Vertos, we are passionate about offering safe, effective solutions to the LSS community
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We see the suffering that LSS patients endure and we want to make a lasting impact in their lives.

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We believe in the mild® Procedure, recommending it to friends, family and anyone who may benefit from it.

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We are in continuous pursuit to advance and provide optimal LSS care.

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We partner with the nation’s leading institutions and healthcare providers to ensure LSS patients have access to mild® as a treatment option.

Who We Are

Offering decades of experience and expertise in the healthcare field, our team continues to advance minimally invasive technologies to help the millions of patients suffering from LSS return to a better quality-of-life.

Our Leadership Team

Eric Wichems

President and Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Colbert

Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Amy Scott

Vice President of Marketing and Physician Education

Stephen E. Paul

Vice President of Sales

Karen Davis

Vice President of Clinical Research

David P. Lalor Jr.

Vice President of Operations/Research and Development

Philip Macdonald

Vice President of Market Access and Reimbursement

Major Investors

Our Board of Directors

Ittai Harel

Managing General Partner, Pitango HealthTech

Hugo Harrod

Partner, MVM Partners LLP

Rob Kuhling

General Partner and Managing Director, ONSET Ventures

Daniel Pelak

Operating Partner, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe

Eric Wichems

President and Chief Executive Officer

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5-Year Study Demonstrates 88% of mild® Patients Avoided Surgical Decompression for at Least 5 Years While Experiencing Significant Symptom Relief

According to the study, the mild® Procedure significantly decreased the incidence of surgical decompression at the same treatment level(s) as mild® intervention during five-year follow-up. Nine out of 75 patients required lumbar surgical decompression at the same level during the follow-up period, making the annual incidence of same-level lumbar-decompression surgery just 2.4%. Subjects experienced statistically significant pain relief and reduction of opioid medications utilization at 3, 6, and 12 months compared to baseline. There were no major complications reported.

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Make a Difference at Vertos

At Vertos, we care. We care about patients, we care about the healthcare community, we care about our employees and we care about making a difference by expanding minimally invasive treatment options for LSS. If this resonates with you, and you’re a motivated and experienced professional, you may be a great fit for our team. We are proud to be an and would love to hear from you.

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Our Employees

Find out what our team has to say about Vertos and the mild® Procedure
To hear stories from patients about how they can walk, golf and spend more time with family is just incredible. I stand behind the mild® Procedure and love talking to anyone I can about it.
Initially I chose to work at Vertos because it offered the ability to create a market that really didn’t exist and a smaller company atmosphere/culture that allowed my voice to be heard as an employee.
The company has an incredible reputation around its culture for both performance and accountability. Team members are valued and there is a true opportunity to make changes in people's lives and within the company itself.
I was impressed with the strong sense of team and integrity, company-wide, as well as the vision and disruptive product that gives patients a safe yet effective option to address their chronic pain.
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