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Local Family Living Life After Spinal mild® Procedure

Source— The Lebanon Enterprise Published November 11, 2020

An article from The Lebanon Enterprise discusses the Ballard family’s experience with the mild® Procedure, stating that 69-year-old Martha Ballard had developed “lower back pain that had become so excruciating she was unable to enjoy many of her favorite pastimes.” Martha states that, “On a scale of one to 10, it [her pain] had gotten to about a nine.”

In September 2019 Martha had the mild® Procedure, which is described as a “minimally invasive procedure, requiring only an incision the size of a baby aspirin.” The article goes on to detail that, “After seeing Ballard’s remarkable transformation, her husband and brother-in-law, who also dealt with pains of their own, had the mild® Procedure done.” Stephen Ballard (Martha’s husband) and Kenny Ballard (Martha’s brother-in-law) share their experiences with the mild® Procedure. Stephen says, “I can walk and go hunting for as long as I want,” and Kenny says, “I can have a social life.”

Read the full The Lebanon Enterprise article.

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