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APP Imaging Workshop – A Collaborative Approach to mild® Patient Selection

Published March 17, 2022

Interventional Pain Management is a fast-growing specialty. As new lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) procedures become available, practices are evolving the way they collaborate and work together to optimize patient care. The mild® Procedure’s patient selection process is quite simple, but requires imaging review, which is often not a part of Advanced Practice Providers’ (APP) traditional education.

The Vertos APP Advisory Board has emphasized the need for educational tools for APPs who would like to develop their image review skillset. Two of the esteemed Vertos APP Board Members, James Lynch, PA and Kelsey Kimball, PA, partnered with their physicians Dr. Michael Verdolin and Dr. Ajay Antony to provide an interactive workshop focused on enhancing imaging review skillsets. View the interactive workshop where they cover imaging basics, navigating software, measuring the ligament, and more!

  • LSS & mild® Patient Identification Overview (2:20)
  • MRI Basics (9:59)
  • Anatomical Review (15:58)
  • Navigating Imaging Software (27:24)
  • mild® Case Studies (1:02:26)
  • Benefits of Incorporating Image Review Into Your Practice (1:09:12)
  • Additional Educational Resources Available (1:12:43)
  • Q&A (1:15:13)

Looking for more info on mild® patient identification criteria? Check out our blog: Identifying & Educating mild® Patients – APP Guidance.

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