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Arizona Pain: Your Life Arizona Educational Segment on the mild® Procedure

Source— Arizona Pain Published May 2, 2024

Original Publish Date: April 24, 2024 

Your Life Arizona recently partnered with Dr. Eric Church and Dr. Thomas Moshiri of Arizona Pain on an educational discussion about the mild® Procedure. 

In the segment, Dr. Thomas Moshiri, Medical Director and Interventional Pain Physician, explained that mild® is “a minimally invasive procedure” with a typical recovery time of 24 hours. Most commonly, patients go home the same day with a Band-Aid on their back. 

“It’s specifically geared towards patients who have been told they have spinal stenosis or […] can’t stand up straight, or have to lean on a shopping cart,” said Dr. Moshiri. 

“It’s really exciting to see these patients who have these symptoms […] and traditionally in the past they would go see a spine surgeon and have a major spine surgery. They don’t need to do that anymore,” said Dr. Eric Church, Chief Medical Officer and Interventional Pain Physician. 

“How the procedure works is that we are removing extra tissue around the spinal cord. So once we remove it, it doesn’t grow back,” said Dr. Moshiri. 

According to Dr. Moshiri, the procedure allows for some patients to experience relief of pain almost immediately. Dr. Church noted that their practice has had many patients say that after receiving mild®, they are able to get back to activities they enjoy. These patients “are able to walk longer, stand longer, play with their grandkids, go on walks with their spouses or loved ones, with their dogs.”

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