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Dr. Kroopf Presents the mild® Procedure at the WIPM & MedEd Combine Virtual Lab

Published June 6, 2023

In April 2023, WIPM (The Society of Women Innovators in Pain Management) participated in its first-ever, society-hosted virtual MedEd Combine showcasing 7 innovative technologies. This groundbreaking event brought together leading experts in the field of interventional pain medicine to showcase the latest advancements in interventional therapies. Throughout the virtual event, highly-trained physicians introduced procedures through a virtual reality platform, to provide an immersive and engaging experience.

One of the featured sessions was the mild® Procedure from Vertos Medical. mild® is a minimally invasive treatment option that addresses a major root cause of lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) by removing thickened ligament to reduce compression on the spinal nerves.

Dr. Lisa Kroopf of Monterey Pain & Spine Institute presented the mild® Procedure on behalf of Vertos Medical. Dr. Kroopf holds dual board certifications in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and is a leader within the women-focused interventional pain society, WIPM, serving as Secretary for the group.

Photo of Dr. Kroopf at MedEd Combine standing in front of an operating table. The photo has a text overlay that says "The mild Procedure".

Presenting LSS Symptomology and the mild® Procedure

Dr. Kroopf started her segment by describing common contributing symptoms of lumbar spinal stenosis with neurogenic claudication (NC). Two primary indicators of NC include the outwardly visible sign of patients bending over to relieve pain (a.k.a. the shopping cart syndrome), and the physical symptom of an enlarged hypertrophic ligamentum flavum (HLF).

Dr. Lisa Kroopf demonstrating the mild Procedure during a physician led training event. There is a text overlay in the image that says "'Look for the ligament' after confirming neurogenic claudication (NC) symptoms".

Dr. Kroopf introduced the mild® Procedure, a therapy intended to relieve lumbar spinal stenosis symptoms. The minimally invasive procedure debulks parts of the thickened ligament, relieving pressure within the spinal canal. The mild® Procedure leaves no hardware behind and is performed through a tiny incision, smaller than the size of a baby aspirin.

Short infographic titled: The mild Procedure leaves no hardware behind. Text in the image says "Outpatient decompression achieved through a tiny incision, smaller than the size of a baby aspirin." 4 images follow with text that says: "Insert Portal (5.1MM)," "Remove bone to achieve access," "Debulk hypertrophic ligament," and "Remove instruments & close w/steri-strip".

The mild® Procedure with Virtual Reality

Dr. Kroopf’s demonstration was livestreamed to participating physicians via a virtual reality headset. Participants were able to watch the procedure step-by-step alongside a live X-ray monitor. The tissue sculptor, one of the tools used for the mild® Procedure, is shown below in Dr. Kroopf’s hands.

Demonstrating the tissue sculptor. This photo shows Dr. Kroopf demonstrating The mild Procedure to participating physicians via a virtual reality headset. The livestream included a live X-ray monitor.

Dr. Kroopf at MedEd Combine standing behind an operating table after completing the demonstration of The mild Procedure

Vertos Medical would like to thank Dr. Kroopf for her time and successful demonstration of the mild® Procedure. To watch her introduction of the procedure, please view below.

For physicians who would like to learn about the mild® Procedure, please visit our training page.

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