If you are suffering from chronic low back pain caused by lumbar spinal stenosis, a mild® doctor in Rochester, NY may be able to help. Use the search bar below to find a pain management specialist near you. When you identify the right interventional pain physician near you, contact them (call, email, or visit their website) to request an evaluation for the mild® Procedure.

At your appointment with a local pain management specialist, be prepared to discuss any past diagnoses, treatment options, and/or other medical conditions. You should expect your doctor to review past imaging such as MRIs or request new imaging of your spine. Your doctor may also want to discuss the location of your pain (lower back, legs, buttocks), other symptoms in those areas (tingling, heaviness), how long you can stand or walk without rest, what positions provide relief of symptoms (bending or sitting), and your mobility or lifestyle goals.

There are interventional pain physicians in Rochester, NY ready to help. Contact a local mild® doctor today to get on the path to relief.

mild® Doctors near Rochester

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