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Saint Luke’s Article: Retired Physician Gets Relief from Debilitating Lower Back Pain with Innovative Minimally Invasive Treatment

Source— Published September 26, 2023

David Dembinski, MD, suffered from severe lower back pain for more than a decade. He was evaluated for chronic back pain and tried various prescription painkillers for years, but the medicines only went so far. He did physical therapy but didn’t experience any real improvement, and saw a chiropractor consistently for six weeks; still, nothing changed.

“About two years ago, it finally got to the point where I couldn’t do much,” Dr. Dembinski said. “I couldn’t walk very far without my back pain getting worse. I couldn’t golf. I was very functionally limited.”

He went to Saint Luke’s Pain Management Center in Overland Park, Kansas, to speak with his pain management specialist, Joel Ackerman, MD.

Dr. Ackerman told Dr. Dembinski about an innovative procedure called mild®, which stands for Minimally Invasive Lumbar Decompression. The mild® Procedure treats the root cause of spinal stenosis by restoring space in the spinal canal and has a quick recovery time.

A few weeks later, Dr. Dembinski underwent the mild® Procedure and went home the same day. After taking a couple days to rest, he said the difference was remarkable.

Read his physician-turned-patient full story on Saint Luke’s blog at the below link.

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