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Dr. Ed Garcia shares a minimally invasive treatment for those suffering with lumbar pain

Source— KHOU-TV Published April 26, 2017

KHOU’s Great Day Houston interviewed Dr. Ed Garcia of Space City Pain Specialists, discussing chronic leg and back pain, and how to address the root cause. “What we do at Space City Pain, we don’t just treat the symptom of pain, we treat the cause. So we want to focus on what’s causing those symptoms and try to, as best as possible, relieve them,” Dr. Garcia says. When asked to describe lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS), a common cause of leg and back pain, Dr. Garcia says that LSS is a “condition normally seen in folks that are over 60 that tends to be a degenerative type process that causes a stricture of the spinal canal.”

Dr. Garcia explains that the mild® Procedure is a minimally invasive approach to treating the cause of LSS. “Here we’re using an instrumenting tube that’s the size of a straw. So it’s a very tiny incision, a straw-like tube that I instrument through and then I use instruments under x-ray guidance.”

Joined by his patient Mary Doyle, Mary shares that prior to the mild® Procedure, her pain prevented her from going to cocktail parties, which she loves attending. Mary then described her pain level after the mild® Procedure. “When I woke up in the bed, got out of the bed, it was gone, it was wonderful.”

Watch the full segment on KHOU’s Great Day Houston.

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