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Vertos Medical Wins CMS Reimbursement for mild® Procedure

Source— MASS DEVICE Published March 7, 2017

This Mass Device article details Vertos Medical’s announcement that it won national coverage from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for its mild® Procedure to treat lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). The article also notes that coverage was secured following a recently approved study as part of CMS’ Coverage with Evidence Development Program.

Dr. Nagy Mekhail of the Cleveland Clinic is quoted from a prepared statement in the article as saying, “Patient and physician demand for the mild® Procedure has grown a great deal, and I’m excited to hear that my patients and fellow practitioners will now have access to this effective, proven method for relieving pain and getting people back to doing the things that make life enjoyable. Neurogenic claudication related to lumbar spinal stenosis can be extremely life limiting; this first-line treatment stands to benefit the many patients currently being treated for LSS in the United States, who have no viable treatment options.”

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