ASPN 2024 Recap
July 11-14, Miami Beach

The ELEVATE Vertos Medical booth at ASPN 2024 Conference


ASPN was filled with inspiring success stories from top mild® providers on how mild® has elevated their practice.

Event highlights:

  • Symposium: Dr. Peter Pryzbylkowski and other providers shared proven strategies that helped them grow and differentiate their practice through mild®.
  • Latest mild® Data: The newest findings from the MOTION Study were unveiled by Drs. Tim Deer, Sherif Costandi, and Aaron Calodney.
  • Social at Our Booth: mild® providers shared their success stories at our custom recording booth and on social media.

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Lunch Symposium

ELEVATE Staircase

Panelists for the Lunch Symposium

Keeley DiVita PA-C at the mild Booth

The mild Booth

Catching up with IPMs

Dr. Sean Li in the mild Recording Booth

Representing the Vertos Medical Marketing Team

Elevate your practice with Advanced Practice Providers (APPs)

Dr. Aileen Padilla with #TeamVertos

A New Era for IPM: Elevate Your Practice & Your Community Through mild®

David Dickerson, MD

NorthShore University Health System
Chicago, IL

Zohra Hussaini, MSN,

University of Kansas Pain Clinic
Overland Park, KS

Peter Pryzbylkowski, MD

Relievus Pain Management
Haddon Heights, NJ

Rebecca Sanders, MD

Freeman Institute for
Pain Management
Joplin, MO

The symposium attracted a full house and showcased proven strategies from top mild® providers to enhance the patient experience, expand patient access, and empower practice growth through mild®.

Symposium recording coming soon!

Dr. Dickerson, APP Hussaini, Dr. Pryzbylkowski, and Dr. Sanders are paid consultants of Vertos Medical.

New mild® Data

PILD at 3 Year Follow-Up
in a Multicenter Randomized Control Study

Thank you to Dr. Deer for featuring this at ASPN!
nsights & additional details coming soon.

Two Year Follow-Up of Crossover Patients Treated
with the mild® Procedure

Thank you to Dr. Costandi for featuring this at ASPN!
nsights & additional details coming soon.


We partner with you to enhance the patient experience, extend treatment to more patients, and enable you to drive the growth of your practice.

treated with mild®
offering mild®
in mean standing time
in mean walking distance

Enhance the patient experience

  • Reclaim patient quality of life through mobility and lasting relief using a simple treatment with a strong safety profile
  • Over 100K patients treated and counting​
  • Large body of real world evidence that validate the results of level 1 clinical studies and MIST 2.0 guideline recommendations

Expand patient access

  • Effective for a broad range of LSS patients with neurogenic claudication, including those with spinal and disease comorbidities
  • National Medicare and Medicare Advantage coverage in place
  • Commercial coverage growing
  • Society advocacy initiatives underway with NYSIPP endorsement to expand payer coverage

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Empower practice growth

  • Differentiate your practice beyond opioids, ESIs and implants
  • Provide better patient satisfaction that establishes you as the go-to provider for all pain interventions
  • Empower your practice through our physician and APP training & education​ programs
  • Drive patient awareness & education for LSS through our patient marketing resources
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