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The Doctors Show: mild® Procedure for Low Back Pain

Source— The Doctors Published September 23, 2013

In a clip from The Doctors Show, Donna, a 58 year-old active woman shares how, a year prior, she developed “excruciating back pain.” She was presented with two options from her doctors: “either stay on pain medication … or to have invasive surgery.” Invasive surgery wasn’t an option for Donna, due to her caretaker responsibilities.

Then, she met Dr. Paicius, who recommended the mild® Procedure. The minimally-invasive lumbar decompression procedure is demonstrated on video, while Dr. Paicius narrates each step.

Two days after the procedure, Donna returns, live on air, saying “I am walking straight, I just walked up steps, no pain!” Donna declares, “I’m just so excited about being able to go back to activities I enjoyed.”

Watch the video from The Doctors Show.

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