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Vertos Medical Receives CMS Broad Coverage Approval for mild® Procedure: 5 Key Notes

Source— Becker's Spine Review Published March 7, 2017

The mild® Procedure, developed by Vertos Medical, has “received approval for expanded access through CMS’ Coverage with Evidence Development Program.”

An article written in Becker’s Spine Review outlines five things to know about this new approval, including that the “mild® Procedure has more than 20 peer-reviewed publications and 12 trials showing clinical effectiveness.”

“Patient and physician demand for the mild® Procedure has grown a great deal, and I’m excited to hear that my patients and fellow practitioners will now have access to this effective, proven method for relieving pain,” said Nagy Mekhail, MD, PhD, director of evidence-based pain medicine research and education at Cleveland Clinic.

To learn more about this approval, read the full article on the Becker’s Spine Review site.

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