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MOTION Study: Fitbits tracking progress after procedure to alleviate lumbar stenosis

Source— WNDU-TV Published February 5, 2019

This WNDU 16 News Now segment describes lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) as the “narrowing of the spinal canal that happens as we age, sometimes making it painful to stand and walk.” It goes on to discuss Vertos Medical’s new MOTION Study, which it says will use Fitbits to measure improvements in mobility and opioid use after patients with lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) are treated with the minimally invasive mild® Procedure.

In the study, the face of the Fitbit is covered so “patients don’t know how they’re doing during checks at six, 12 and 24 months. But a previous study showed that standing time increased from eight to 56 minutes and walking distance from 250 to 4,000 feet,” the article details. Vertos Medical President and CEO Eric Wichems says, “What we expect to see is a true improvement in the quality of life of these patients, and that’s new data.”

Watch the full WNDU 16 News Now segment.

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