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Fitbit Trial for Lumbar Stenosis

Source— Ivanhoe Broadcast News Published February 13, 2019

The Ivanhoe Broadcast News segment discusses the Motion Study Trial, which is described as a “study measuring real outcomes of its [Vertos Medical’s] mild® Procedure using Fitbits.” The article details that the “20-center randomized, controlled study” will also track opioid usage before and after the mild® Procedure. mild® Patient Ronnie Turner is interviewed in the news segment, which states that Turner’s doctor “used contrast to find the narrowing, then through a tiny incision, removed small pieces of bone and ligament. A fluoroscope showed when the canal was open.”

As stated in the segment, before Turner had the mild® Procedure, “numbness and pain from his lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) restricted his usually active lifestyle by 50 percent.” Turner was “back to activity the next day” after having mild®. “I don’t dread the opportunity to go and do things. Those days are over. I’ll try anything,” Turner shares.

Watch the full Ivanhoe Broadcast News segment.

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