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PAs, NPs Play Key Role in Identifying, Treating LSS Under New Algorithm

Source— Pain Medicine News Published June 1, 2019

This one-page Pain Medicine News article is formatted as a Q&A with Mark Coleman, MD, mild® Provider and President/Medical Director of National Spine and Pain Centers. When asked what the mild® Procedure is and why he offers it to his patients, Dr. Coleman states, “Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) patients are abundant in my practice, and mild® offers them a safe, durable solution that improves their function and reduces pain. LSS is primarily a degenerative, age-related narrowing of the lower spinal canal that causes pressure on the nerves, leading to neurogenic claudication (NC). NC presents as pain and reduced mobility that is relieved via a flexed position or rest.”

He explains that while historically, “Treatments were limited — palliative, short-term therapies, or referring patients for invasive surgery. Now, mild® enables us to treat the cause of LSS, and it’s as safe as an epidural steroid injection (ESI). After mild®, my patients can stand longer and walk farther with less pain. We have seen a similar positive response rate to the reported data, which is around 80%.”

In the rest of the article, Dr. Coleman answers what the role of the physician assistant (PA) and nurse practitioner (NP) is, how to identify patients with NC and how mild® has changed his practice.

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