Nicky’s Story | mild® Procedure Patient Testimonial

mild® Procedure Patient Testimonial Transcript


(00:10) Before I couldn’t walk a block without having to sit down and bend over, and then get up and then walk off another block. I mean, I was always late, you know, because I didn’t take into account how long it would take me to walk somewhere. And I did physical therapy and then I went to a pain management doctor and I had five epidurals, and I did acupuncture, I did physical therapy, I tried [a] chiropractor, and nothing touched it. When I was going through the epidurals, I’d have a few days of respite and then it would kick up again and sometimes I didn’t have any days. It just didn’t stop hurting. And then I finally went back to the doctor a couple months ago because I couldn’t bear it. And she said there was this new procedure called mild® Procedure and I said, “Let’s do it.” And since then I’ve been a new person.

Why mild®

When I went for this procedure, it was any other day, and I went into the surgery and you feel nothing and then you come back and you’re fine. I mean, it’s no big deal, it’s no pain, there’s no pain, there’s no recovery. You just go home. And the next day it felt a little bit better so I said, “Oh, it didn’t work,” and then the next day I felt a little even better. And then the following day, I really felt it working and I am eternally grateful.

After mild®

(01:39) When I walk, I’m happy, you know, I’m not in pain. I don’t have to bend over and sit up and every day I pinch myself, still, that I’m walking without pain. I just don’t take it for granted, because I was in pain for so many years. When I’m playing with my grandchildren, it’s so much different. I used to have to stop, I couldn’t walk very far with them, and today, it’s nonstop. I’m able to go to the playground, I’m able to play ball, I can walk for miles with them. I can pick them up and hug them and not worry that I’m going to hurt my back.

I would suggest anybody who has back pain to look into it to see if it’s available for them, for their symptoms. But I have been telling everybody who has back pain about this, and it’s a miracle. I’m not in pain anymore.

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