Lynn’s Story | mild® Procedure Patient Testimonial

mild® Procedure Patient Testimonial Transcript


(00:11) Before the mild® Procedure, I had a hard time standing anytime at all, so that affected my baking and my cooking, sweeping the porch, pulling weeds. Just everything you do in life, it affected it. I was probably able to walk 10 to 15 minutes, was all. It took a lot of pleasure out of it, but I kept pushing. You took shortcuts on a lot of your baking and cooking. As a matter of fact, I told my family that unless something changed, we wouldn’t be having a big Christmas meal the next year, but things changed and we had the big dinner. I had the mild® Procedure done and it was a miracle.

Why mild®

Well, I had been complaining for about five years of lower back pain. And then I had a nurse practitioner looking at my MRI and he said, “Oh yes, you definitely have lumbar spinal stenosis.” Then, I was referred to a pain clinic. She said, “Well, we’ll go with an epidural first.” So we did. And the first epidural did great, probably about three months, it lasted, and then the pain was back and I went for the second epidural, and I got it and it didn’t last two weeks. And she said, “Well, you can have one more epidural.” I said, “No, I’m finished with them. I want the mild® Procedure. It has good outcomes. It’s helped a lot of people. It’s simple. It’s outpatient. That’s what I want.” She said, “Okay, let’s go for it.”

After mild®

(01:48) The procedure lasts 45 minutes to an hour and we were back home at 4:30 and I kept thinking, “Where’s the pain? I should be having some pain.” Since I’ve had the mild® Procedure I can stand as long as I want, whatever is required. Walking the same. I do feel happier. I feel better, I don’t have to go in a store and look for a shopping cart. You know, a chair, a building where there’s steps, thinking “I can’t make those steps.” I’ve been talking to several people and they are having their MRIs done. I highly recommend everybody to have the mild® Procedure and I hope you have half of the results that I had. My friends and family can’t believe the difference in what I’m doing now since I had the mild® Procedure. Grandma’s back to cookin’.

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