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(00:08) It probably started two and a half years ago, where it started progressively going to the next level. The first things that I noticed was immobility, like riding in a car was hard for me, getting out of the car I had to stand and get myself ready to make that move, wherever it was. I struggled getting dressed in the mornings and I struggled with my socks especially. That would take me sometimes a 15 to 20 minute warm-up. I think as a man, it’s kind of a macho thing in your fishing and your hunting world, and throwing footballs with your grandkids, and trying to show them the things that you could do that really, you can’t do. Working, doing everyday things. All that was slipping away from me.

When this issue started, I went to my doctor, my doctor told me [about] a pain management doctor which was in my system. I did go to him, I went through three rounds of injections. When you go through so many different things it’s like, “Okay, I’ve heard this one before, I’ve heard this one before.” But looking at it, looking at the little bitty incision, the no pain, the no downtime, and with a doctor telling me, “We can help you,” that was just off the charts for me. Because prior to, I had heard, “We’ve had pretty good results with this. We’ve had pretty good results with this.” But for him to say, “You’re going to be totally different,” that was my hallelujah moment right there.

It just changed everything. My thought processes became different, where people would say, “Ronnie, you want to go fishing?” or “You want to go hog hunting?” And before, I’d say, “Man, I wish I could.” But now I say, “Count me in. You know, I’m ready.”

(02:00) I could get in the car from the time I walked out of the surgery. I went home and I could get out, and first thing I wanted to do was start doing stuff. That was a big moment in my life emotionally, to know that I’m gonna do things that I couldn’t do. I love my grandchildren so much and they always want me to play basketball. They want me to play whatever. So when I went up there the first weekend and my granddaughter says, “Papaw, you want to play some pepper?” That’s where you take a bat from the old school and you get out there and you’re playing pepper. And I got in and I was catching the ground balls and I stood up and I thought, “This is three generations and I thought I’d never see this,” so it was very, very emotional to me. But yeah, my whole life’s changed. I wouldn’t be here today had this not have happened.

Well you know I have so many friends, older guys like me and on a Sunday morning, we sit down and talk, “Where are you hurting today?” The first part of this week, actually, I met a young man and was having some issues and his doctor told him, “I don’t think we can help you with anything.” And I instilled in him, and this young man is going to make some calls, because I want people to have an opportunity to do the things that they want to do. So, I’m not a salesman but I sell hope for people. One little simple thing. Give it a try and go from there.

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