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mild® Procedure Patient Testimonial Transcript


(00:12) From before the procedure, my scale of pain was from 0 to 10, 10 being the worst, I was almost a 10, and then after the procedure, I was a 0. I had no pain whatsoever. I could walk, I could go up and down the stairs, I could get in and out of the car. I mean I felt great. I started doing some of my golfing again, it felt great, I felt like my old self.

Before mild®

To get off the couch was really, really hard for me. Before the procedure, I would get so far up and I had to lean on my coffee table and I would have to stay there for at least 15-30 seconds and just try to straighten myself out so I could start walking. I noticed I couldn’t walk anymore, if I walked for a minute or two, I had to stop and I had to catch my breath and continue.

Sleeping was hard because of the pain, trying to roll over and everything, you just couldn’t sleep, you were in just too much pain. I used to be a pretty good golfer and then my game kept getting worse and worse and worse. Now, putting the ball on the tee was a challenge. I mean, you gotta bend over to get that ball on the tee. And on a windy day, it’ll keep blowing the ball off the tee and for me to keep bending over to try to keep that ball on there, it was getting impossible, I couldn’t do it. My friends laughed at me doing all this stuff, they called me an old man.

Previous Treatments

The treatment plan was we were gonna do epidural shots to see if that would relieve my pain and pressure. They gave me the first one and I felt like a new man, it was great, it worked great. Two weeks and then I had to go back in two weeks to get the second shot and within a week’s time, that second one and the first one has already worn off and by the time I went back for my third appointment, I was just where I was before I even started the shots.

Why mild®

(02:01) Well, some of the reasons why I selected the mild® Procedure was they showed me a brochure and the symptoms that were in that brochure was exactly what I had. And I wasn’t gonna be cut open, it was gonna be a small incision in my back. Then with talking to different people, basically, I was gonna be up and around in no time. I was willing to do it and I’m glad I did do it. You get a little worried here and there but once I got into the operating room and the procedure started, I was fine, I was great. I wasn’t in the recovery room 10 minutes and I felt great. I could bend over, I could get my pants on, I could tie my shoes. I was ready to go.

After mild®

Anybody that meets the criteria of the mild® Procedure would be a fool not to do it. I mean, why live in pain if you don’t have to? I mean, if the procedure’s gonna work for you, why not get it done? It’s not invasive on your body, it’s not really gonna be cut open, there’s like a little incision in your back. The procedure lasted like 25 minutes, so why wouldn’t you do it? Well, I think my golf game is back probably 80%. We play in a league, so it’s like I was kinda like holding them down all the time, so I was getting ribbed. And now that I feel so good, I told them I was coming after every one of them this year.

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