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Long-Term Data on mild® Lumbar Spine Intervention Demonstrate Continued Decreases in Pain

Source— Pain Medicine News Published February 8, 2019

Minimally invasive lumbar decompression (mild®) showed a lasting reduction in pain, with no evidence of spinal instability two years after the procedure in patients with spinal stenosis and neurogenic claudication.”  This finding was published in Pain Medicine News and highlights a study that shows the “simpler and less invasive” mild® Procedure demonstrated clinically meaningful and statistically significant improvement from baseline through 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year follow-ups.

The article indicates the study was a “prospective, multicenter, randomized controlled clinical study that compared outcomes in Medicare patients, 143 of whom were treated with mild®, with 131 control patients receiving epidural steroid injections” and that “the success rate and durability for mild® were superior to those for patients receiving epidural steroid injections, according to the report. Additionally, ‘there was no evidence of spinal instability at [two] years after the mild® Procedure.’”

The study also showed lower rates of reoperation, compared to spinal fusion or the implementation of “spacers.”

Read the full study on the Pain Medicine News site.

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