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mild® Procedure Abstracts From the ASPN 2021 Annual Conference

Published July 22, 2021

What was the biggest news at the ASPN 2021 Conference? New mild® data! Five poster presentations highlight the reasons more practices are moving to mild® as a first-line therapy for lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS).

Must-see mild® outcomes include:

  1. Dr. Timothy Deer with Level 1 evidence on the superiority of mild® and conventional medical management (CMM) versus CMM-alone.

Image showing the MOTION randomized controlled study: One-year objective real-world outcomes for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis patients treated with the mild Procedure


  1. Dr. Peter Pryzbylkowski on performing mild® immediately upon diagnosis of central LSS with neurogenic claudication, or after the first ESI fails.

Infographic showing the impact of moving to mild directly or after initial epidural steroid injection (ESI) failure on clinic performance - A Six Center Retrospective Report


View Dr. Pryzbylkowski’s poster presentation here.

Looking to explore procedural techniques? The mild® Streamlined Technique gains backing from:

  1. Dr. Dawood Sayed and his co-authors’ multi-center findings on efficacy.

Infographic showing the safety and efficacy of the streamlined technique versus the standard technique for accessing decompression treatment zones for the PILD procedure


View Dr. Sayed’s poster presentation here.

  1. Dr. Navdeep Jassal with APP Christine Christensen’s safety data.

Infographic showing the single-center comparison of streamlined technique safety for mild procedure

View Dr. Jassal and Ms. Christensen’s poster presentation here.

  1. Dr. Jason Pope also demonstrates safety with the intraprocedural use of osteal landmarks instead of an epidurogram.

Infographic showing use of epidurogram is not necessary for safe, minimally invasive direct lumbar decompression


View Dr. Pope’s poster presentation here.

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